Physical Security, Video & Analytics

Vicinity offers a range of physical security solutions, including video surveillance and AI analytics.

Physical Security is about more than locks and gates

In our communities, the safety and well-being of every individual matters deeply. We recognize the unsettling feeling that comes with unauthorized access, break ins, vandalism or other disruptions, which is why we believe in the power of prevention.

Protection not just surveillance

It's not just about setting up barriers; it's about extending a protective hand to shield our community. Our commitment is to offer ethical advanced video surveillance and analytics solutions that act not just as eyes but as guardians. By anticipating potential challenges and reinforcing security, we hope to cultivate spaces where everyone feels safe, valued, and focused on the outcomes that truly matter.
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IP Video and Environmental Monitoring

End to end physical security solutions for your facility

  • Project Coordination
  • Data Wiring & Construction
  • Camera & Sensor Installation
  • System Commissioning
  • Access Control Integration
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Advanced Analytics

Leverage your data to prevent security issues from occuring

  • Customizable Alerting & Response
  • Object Detection & Classification
  • Intrusion Detection & Virtual Boundaries
  • Abnormal Behavior Detection
  • Event Context & Search
  • Face & License Plate Recognition
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